Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Truth is Out Dare!?

No, its not Agent Fox Mulder practicing his Brooklynese. Its the headline from an ad selling the newest action figure -- the War Journalist.

That's right. The War Journalist.

Now, alongside G.I. Joe on his search and destroy missions there's his 12" companion from one of the major news agencies.

According to, the Hong Kong-based company that sells the toys:

The Truth is Out Dare

They do not fight for their own benefits...

They do not fight for their countries...

They do not fight for their people...

They do not fight on their homelands...

Yet they risk their lives using sophisticated and rugged yet non-lethal equipment gathering images and information on the truth, on the historic moments and on the brutal reality.

We dedicate this series / action figure to the daring unsung hero at the battlefront and the many more who has lost their lives for the honorable cause.

It is not even their war...

So what do you get for your $60? How about your humble 12" correspondent, Canon digital SLR camera, Sony DV camcorder, laptop, body armor and a host of other goodies. The camera comes equipped with interchangeable lenses that attach with magnets and the laptop features an illuminated keyboard.

Eat your heart out Geraldo Rivera.

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