Thursday, December 22, 2005

You're Such a Tease

Carl Zeiss now says it won't reveal its new ZF Nikon F mount lenses until January 18. A teaser campaign featuring web banners which will successively reveal more and more information is in full swing.

On its web site, Zeiss says:

The final solution will be revealed on 01/18/06. Until then, you will find out a little more each week from our images.

Using the phrase "the final solution" is in poor taste, in my opinion, particularly coming from a German company. No doubt some people will find it very offensive. However, it could just be a poor English translation of their marketing push.

That aside, what does the solution entail? What is the problem they are solving? The lack of Zeiss lenses for Nikon cameras has never been a problem. It would be nice to have them available, but I've gotten along fine for the past 30 years shooting Nikons without them.

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