Monday, January 09, 2006

Adobe Bitchslaps Apple

I don't usually diss Apple Computer. Hell, I'm writing this on an Aluminum PowerBook. I've been using a Mac for nearly 20 years, ever since I got my first Mac SE. But, this time I think Apple has dropped the ball -- and they deserve all the pain we can inflict on them because of it.

I'm talking about Adobe's new software for photographers called Lightroom, which is intended to directly take on Apple's Aperture. And, frankly, Lightroom could potentially kick Aperture's ass.

Lightroom is in Beta right now, the first iteration being released on Jan. 9. Adobe says it will continually update the software and release the official version sometime later this year.

Both programs have a similar look and feel. Both do essentially the same things -- and do it damn well, too. Both programs offer similar "key features," including: Advanced RAW workflow, Professional Project Management and Nondestructive Image Processing.

The problem with Aperture, however, is that it only runs on high-end Macs. And apparently my lowly 1 GHz PowerBook with 1.5 GB of memory isn't high-end enough. Aperture will not run on my computer. So Apple has effectively shut out a large segment of the photographers who would otherwise now be using their software.

Apparently Apple thinks photographers are made of money and that if they presently don't have the equipment to run Aperture, they'll run out and buy new machines so they can run it. Fat chance. Particularly at $499 for the program.

Anyway, since Lightroom does everything Aperture does and it can run on any Mac running OS X 10.4, Adobe will have a major hit on its hands if the software is priced right. If Adobe prices Lightroom below Aperture's $499, it's adios Aperture.

Adobe will win many of the photographers who don't want to buy a new computer just to run Aperture. They also will win the photographers who would balk at paying upwards of $600 for Photoshop. Adobe smartly included many of the image editing features found in Photoshop that are indispensable to photographers, but in an easier to use -- and frankly, a nicer looking -- program.

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JoeFriday said...

I have to agree.. I didn't know what Apple were thinking when they released Aperture.. and since I run the same hardware as you, I knew it wouldn't matter to me, anyway.. I'm glad to see Adobe hitting back.. as much as I love Apple, they gotta be reminded who their customer base is once in a while