Monday, February 20, 2006

Somebody Buy These Guys a Map

The Mainstream Media (better known as MSM in the blogosphere) needs to go back to Geography class–or at least Reporting 101.

Regarding the sale of Edward Steichen's "The Pond" photograph, which I wrote about here, for $2.9 million recently, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction, MSM needs to get their geography straight.

Most news reports, including The New York Times, New York Newsday and the Associated Press, identified the pond in the photograph as being on Long Island. The only problem is the pond actually is in Westchester County in Mamaroneck, New York. It is, however, near Long Island Sound, which could be where the confusion stems from.

If the MSM would only have read the auction catalog, they would not have made the fundamental mistake of getting the location wrong. According to the catalog:

The photograph was taken in the wetlands around Mamaroneck, New York, on Long Island Sound, near the home of Charles H. Caffin.

Seems pretty straightforward to me.

The Westchester-based newspaper The Journal News has been trying to track down the exact location of the pond. After being first given some erroneous information, the paper finally located it–at least as best it could considering much of the area has changed since the photograph was taken.

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