Friday, February 03, 2006

Vanity (Un)Fair to War Journalists

Vanity Fair may have a way with words (and that's a debatable point), but they apparently do not have a way with photographs. According to a posting on The Smoking Gun here, the magazine in its December 2005 issue manipulated a photo of a reunion of Vietnam-era war journalists to include former CNN journalist Peter Arnett, who wasn't actually there when the shot was taken.

The Smoking Gun correctly points out that Vanity Fair should have labeled the photo a composite, or a "photo illustration," which they didn't.

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I am a photo editor and photojournlaist of some thirty five years experience. a colleague of mine sent me that article and i later asked him if he could photoshop me into the photo as well. ( i was a army photographer in vietnam 1968-69) I figured what the hell. He did and it looks great. Now I will also "always have saigon." hanging here at my desk.