Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ansel Adams Lost and Found

The Los Angeles Public Library has in its photographic collection 189 photos by Ansel Adams that were shot in Los Angeles around 1940. Much of the collection is of street scenes and portraits, far different from the Ansel Adams landscape fare we're used to seeing.

The photos are worth checking out, if for no other reason to see the breadth of the man's talent.

Some web sites and bloggers are claiming these are "lost" Adams photographs. The LA Public Library makes no such claim. In fact, the photos have been in the library's collection since the 1960s. Hardly lost, but available for anyone who cared to look. The collection is labeled with Adams's name and his birth date, 1902, but there is no date of death. Obviously these photos were cataloged before his death in 1984.

The photos are all black & white and square format. Probably shot with a Hasselblad. Curiously, the library catalog numbers list 4x5 at then end of the number, but the photos are square.

They may be little known photos, but hardly lost.

Anyway, they're worth checking out.

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