Monday, March 20, 2006

Book Cover Photo Causes Grief Down South

And the Forrest Gump award goes to...

From the "Stupid is as Stupid Does" department comes this little tidbit from the world of book publishing.

Apparently someone from Alabama is suing book author Warren St. John because his publishing house used a photo of a 1972 Dodge Champion RV on the cover of the paperback version of St. John's book "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Road Trip into Fan Mania." The book, about the fanatics that call themselves Crimson Tide fans (those that follow the University of Alabama college football team) features a green RV on the cover, similar to one owned by a main character in the book. St. John bought himself a similar RV and changed the name of the RV to "The Hawg" for the book. The plaintiff calls his RV "The Toad."

As if that weren't stupid enough, the plaintiff has this to say about the "trauma" inflicted on him by St. John's use of the photo on his book:

Plaintiff as a proximate consequence of said invasion of Plaintiff's privacy was caused to suffer the following injuries and damages, to-wit: Plaintiff's RV "The Toad" is no longer a signature that uniquely identifies Plaintiff with Crimson Tide Fans and financial gain to Defendant(s) from unlawful exploitation of Plaintiff's likeness.

Basically this idiot is saying the books' publication has taken away his "fame" and bragging rights as the retarded poster boy for Crimson Tide fans, because now his RV is mistaken for "The Hawg," rather than being recognized at "The Toad." Apparently he thinks he's identified with his RV.

By the way, the plaintiff's name is Ron St. John. He's not related to the author.

I've heard of stupid, but this is a special kind of stupid. Maybe the plaintiff should go back to playing his banjo on the porch and forget all this nonsense.

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