Friday, March 24, 2006

Can We Finally Shut the Hell Up About It Now?

Even before Nikon announced a launch date for its D200 dSLR earlier this year, there was speculation on the newsgroups and blogs that it would be a D2x killer. The camera would have as many, or more, megapixels than the D2x, it would be just as fast and it would have better high ISO noise levels.

All but one of these turned out to be true.

As is often the case on these newsgroups, the ill-informed, uninformed, and downright stupid people crawl out of the woodwork to give their opinions (which, by the way, are not based on fact, but speculation and stuff they've read posted by other ill-informed morons on other newsgroups). What passes for information is not informative, helpful or correct.

Well, the Nikon D200 has been out for a few months now and all indications are it's an awesome camera. I never doubted this. I knew it would not be a D2x killer, but also knew it would be a worthy camera to add to one's arsenal.

Thom Hogan, a well-respected reviwer of all things Nikon, recently posted a comprehensive review of the D200 on his web site. He admits it's a great camera, but don't dump the Nikon D2x for it.

Here's what Hogan has to say about the D200:

Don't delude yourself into thinking that the D200 is the equivalent to a D2x. It isn't. It may come close in many ways, but if you were to ask me which I prefer to shoot with from an image quality standpoint, my unqualified answer would be the D2x at ISO values up to 400. There's an intangible quality to the D2x images that I'm not able to reproduce with my D200.

Despite what I wrote in the last paragraph, the differences aren't so great that the D200 doesn't make a usable backup body for a pro who normally shoots with a D2x. It does.

So, there you have it. Hogan says it's a worthy backup to the D2x, but won't replace it in the pro's arsenal.

Maybe now all the nattering nabobs on the newsgroups can go back to spewing their ill-informed stupidity about the Nikon D3x and shut the hell up.

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