Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Victor Hasselblad

In celebration of Victor Hasselblad's 100th birthday, Hasselblad underwhelms the photography world by introducing the 503CWD digital camera. The integrated digital camera is priced at a whopping $14,000.

So what do you get for 14,000 clams? Well, not a whole lot.

The 503CWD is based on a specially designed Hasselblad 503CW film camera. The company basically slapped a 16-megapixel digital back onto a 503CW and added some electrical contacts.

For $14,000 I'll settle for nothing less than 25 megapixels. A 39 megapixel back or larger would have been nice too. Of course, 16 megapixels on a medium format back is not the same as a 16-megapixel 35mm DSLR. The medium format back kicks the DSLR's butt all over the place. Still, for $14,000 I expect a lot more.

No doubt the camera will be a killer performer. How could it not be with all that Zeiss glass available? Still, only 14 megapixels? C'mon Hasselblad. Not to mention the fact that the back is integral. Which means you can't use film if you want to. It would have been nice to have the dedicated back and film capability too. But then, you could buy a Hasselblad 503CW film camera and a 39 megapixel digital back (for upwards of $30,000 or so) to slap on and have the best of both worlds.

But then you wouldn't get the limited edition Victor Hasselblad biography booklet that's included with the 503CWD. Or Victor Hasselblad's signature on the camera. Oh, yeah, and the 1GB compact flash card that Hasselblad throws in too.

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