Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hello, Sweetheart. Get Me Rewrite

Ah, the photo magazine. That bastion of knowledge about all things (increasingly these days, digital) photographic. Apparently, all things journalistic don't come into play these days.

Case in point: the March/April 2006 issue of Picture Magazine Their cover touts a story about Apple Aperture software. Trouble is they refer to it as Adobe's New Aperture software. Now either Adobe is putting out a new product to compete with Apple's Aperture (they do, it's called Lightroom), or the editors screwed up the coverlines of the March/April issue.

Curiously, on page six in the latest Picture they have a thumbnail of the cover with the photographer's credit. But the coverlines on the thumbnail are in a different order than on the actual cover. Still, the story about Aperture says Adobe's Aperture.

There is a two page spread ad for Apple's Aperture on the inside cover of the magazine (called the second cover in the magazine biz). Since the coverlines are usually the last thing that gets done, you'd think the editors would be aware of their mistake. I find it hard to believe that an editor for a photo magazine would not be familiar with both Apple's and Adobe's products. Even if they weren't, it's an easy thing to check.

But, you argue, the editors do not know which ads go where in the issue. Ah, but they do. The editor-in-chief, managing editor and copy editors all have what's called a "map" which shows the layout and page each ad is on, who the advertiser is and where the editorial pages go. Anyone in editorial and advertising can get a copy of the map if they need one. They would have known that there is an Apple ad on the second cover. It may have even said "Apple Aperture." Though generally the map is not that specific, only naming the advertiser, not the product advertised.

Still, given such prominent play on the cover, you think someone would have noticed the mistake before it was too late. Since the mistake is repeated on the cover, the thumbnail inside the issue and the cover on the magazine's web site, there was ample opportunity for someone to spot it and change it.

Picture generally is a good magazine. This is just sloppy proofreading. Certainly its not the only magazine with these problems. The king of sloppy proofreading has to be View Camera magazine. But that's another posting for another time.

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