Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Missing Link

Dutch online digital camera review site Let's Go Digital, which is translated into English and a number of other languages, apparently can't figure out how to translate web site URLs.

The site ran a "news" story about Ilford Photo's new web site. That story is datelined March 14. Never mind that Ilford Photo put out a press release about its new site on February 25. So they publish their news a bit late.

The only problem is that while the story is packaged as a "news" story (and is pretty stale, having been posted almost a month after the fact), it's really a word-for-word transcription of Ilford Photo's press release. Look for yourself. Read the Let's Go Digital story here and compare it to Ilford Photo's press release here.

And if that weren't bad enough, Let's Go Digital spent the time to transcribe the press release verbatim on its site, but cut the story off at the sentence that contains the URL to Ilford Photo's web site. So basically, you have a 690 word "story" about a new web site, on an Internet review site, but the "story" contains not one URL or even a mention of how to access the new web site they are writing about.

This is the Internet boys. It's all about interactivity. The whole point is to be able to jump from place to place. Writing a "story" about a web site but failing to mention the web site's URL is amateur hour. You managed to snag a screen shot and an Ilford Photo logo, so would it have killed you to copy the URL?

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