Friday, May 12, 2006

Apparently Film is Not Dead Yet

It's nice to know that the Eastman Kodak Company is still conducting R&D into silver halide films.

At the recent International Congress of Imaging Science, Kodak presented a paper entitled "A High-Speed, Direct Positive Photothermographic System." You can read the abstract here.

Basically what the paper says is that Kodak is doing research into a silver halide film that the company says can have an ISO of up to 24,000. You read that right. Kodak is looking into developing a film with an ISO of 24,000! How's that for a low-light film?

There's no word if Kodak will actually develop this film, if it ever will be commercially available or if we'll ever see a version for 35mm, medium and large format cameras.

I suspect Kodak is thinking about this film for astrophotography applications or possibly surveillance, not consumer applications. It probably is being looked at as a scientific film. But it would be nice to see Kodak developing new films – and some unconventional ones at that.

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Tim said...

Telling me it's not dead yet. I took a bunch of photos in church yesterday morning, on an olympus e-500 and bronica SQa (ilford delta 3200 rated down at 1600 - this is required to get 1/60th at f/5 or so, the place was so dark). Film kicked digital's backside all around the shop in precisely this low-light sort of scenario. (Oh, and don't forget delta-3200 can be rated up to 12,500 or so, although ilford recommend testing before real deployment. So we're sort of half-way there, ish.)