Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Is Nothing Sacred?

According to photographer Michael Yon not only is nothing sacred, but the use of this photo is copyright infringement. He notes on his web site that the debut issue of Shock magazine features a photo he took in Iraq of a U.S. soldier cradling a dead Iraqi child on its cover without his permission.

According to Yon:

I first became aware of the infringement when stunned and angry readers contacted me under the mistaken belief that I allowed Shock magazine to use it on their cover. I did not, and never would have agreed to their usage. I regularly turn down usage requests for this photo–uses that could earn money–because this photo is sacred to me and is representative of the U.S. soldiers I have come to know. It is also representative of the horrors of the enemy we all face.

Yon notes that he has advised his attorneys of the matter and that they will ask that all issue featuring the photograph be removed from circulation and the Internet.

UPDATE June 1: According to Yon's lawyer, discussions with the magazine's publisher "are going nowhere," so he plans to sue for copyright infringement.

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