Friday, June 23, 2006

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Taiwan-based Acer, best known as a maker of PC computers, has debuted an 8.28 MP digital camera, the CP-8660.

This is one butt-ugly camera. And I predict it won't win any design awards.

Still, its specs sound impressive for a point-and-shoot:

8.28 MP resolution
1/1.8" CCD image sensor
6X optical zoom
A 2 cm super macro mode
Anti-shake DSP
17 preset shooting modes suit any shooting situation
25 MB of internal memory
Secure Digital (SD) card compatibility
Video recording with 640 x 480 pixel resolution at 30 fps

There's no word on the price or when the camera will be available.


Tim said...

Erm, yeah, beauty must be in the eye of the beerholder indeed, since I don't see what the innovation is. The only thing I'm interested in is just *how* low "low-noise" actually is - I have an olympus e-500 atm with a 22.5mm sensor diagonal, and I'm not happy with the low-light results. I will be seriously impressed if they come true on this claim - and the thing doesn't fall apart after 3mins in use...

Azhar said...

It won't do very well, it has an impressive MP count, but non-prosumers i.e. consimers look for sleek design and coolness only, while only prosumers like me look for functionality. (Luckily for me the Sony R1 has a fantastic design and functionality :D)