Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nikon Introduces the D2Xs

Nikon has updated its flagship D2X to the D2Xs model. Featuring only minor improvements over the original, the D2Xs will cost about $1,000 more than the D2X currently goes for.

Improvements in the D2Xs include a new in-camera black & white mode, new high-speed ISO settings (incremental between ISO 800 and 1600) and a larger rear screen.

Considering the price, these improvements are not earth shattering. The now discontinued Kodak SLR/n offered similar characteristics two years ago. It's disappointing that Nikon chose not to offer upgraded dynamic range and better high ISO noise reduction. I guess they're saving that for the D3x.

The D2Xs will be available in July.

UPDATE June 5: Take heart D2X fans. Nikon says it will provide a firmware upgrade for the original D2X that will update the camera to much of the functionality in the new D2Xs.

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