Friday, July 28, 2006

Oregon State Cuts Photography Program

It's a sad day when a college or university doesn't have enough staff to continue teaching the courses it has offered for years.

According to the Oregon State University newspaper Oregon State Daily Barometer, the college plans to eliminate its photography degree program due to lack of teaching staff.

According to the paper:

“There is simply not enough staff to teach courses for a stand alone degree,” said Jim Folts, chair of OSU’s art department. “It will continue to be available under the fine arts program.”

The paper noted the college does not have the funding or the staff to continue offering photography as a degree course. Photography classes will still be taught, but students will no longer be able to get a degree in it.

Prof. Folts said since most students have digital cameras, the college will probably begin offering a course in digital photography.

It's a shame the college cannot find enough qualified staff to continue teaching traditional photography as a degree program. But at least they aren't eliminating photography altogether.

In order to excell in photography you need a good grounding in the basics and the traditional methods. Digital photography is not a different type of photography, it just uses different equipment. But the basics are the same. You still have to know how f-stops affect light and how ISO values will affect the final outcome of your phots.

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You mean, one can get a college degree taking photos??? Sweet! Sign me up.