Friday, February 09, 2007

RIP: Kodak's Film Business?

The Times Online, the online site of the Times of London newspaper, is reporting that Kodak is considering selling or spinning off its film business. The sale could generate $1.5 billion, the Times Online said.

Kodak projects film sales this year at $3.4 billion, declining to $2.7 billion in 2008. At that rate of decline Kodak has at least five good years left in its film business. Though digital cameras have all but killed off amateur film sales (and a large portion of professional sales as well), Kodak still does a healthy business in film stock to Hollywood (though that business is in decline as well).

Still, at $2.7 billion in sales, one would think a company could survive nicely. Many smaller companies would kill to have one-tenth the sales of Kodak's film division.

Kodak began producing dry plate film in 1880. It introduced its first roll film around 1885. In 1886, it began selling film specially coated for motion picture use.

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