Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Idea Just Crazy Enough to Work

If you photograph kids, especially small kids and babies, you know how difficult it is to get them to stand still and actually look at the camera once-in-a-while.

Well, Federico Sartorio has come up with an ingenious idea to keep their attention: Pez dispensers. That's right, a good old-fashioned Pez dispenser.

Here's how it works. You buy a Pez dispenser, the more outrageous the better. Cut it's feet off and slide it into your camera's hot shoe. And Voila! Instant attention grabber.

According to Sartorio:

The best use for this attachment is to make people laugh and quickly snap a joyful portrait of them. You can then reward them with a sweet for added happiness. I've tested it on kids and friends and it works most of the time!
It's such a simple -- and inexpensive -- idea, that it can't fail.