Friday, February 01, 2008

Fuji Hints at New Medium Format Film Camera

At this year's PMA show, Fujifilm quietly tossed off some information about a new medium format film camera it is developing.

Buried in a press release about new camera offerings, the company said it is working on a prototype for an upcoming exhibit.

Medium-Format Film Camera
In a special exhibit, Fujifilm will feature a prototype of a new portable medium-format film camera. Even as the company innovates in digital imaging technology, Fujifilm remains true to its heritage and to the acknowledged superior image quality delivered by professional photographic film products. Fujifilm is committed to further expanding the world of imaging whether in digital or analog technologies.

That's the extent of it. No more information was forthcoming. But it is good news for all of us who still shoot film. Anyone who owns one of Fujifilm's medium format rangefinder cameras knows how much fun they are to use. A new rangefinder, or even an SLR, from Fuji would be wonderful.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE FEB. 7 - According to the photo we just obtained, it looks like the new Fuji is going to be a 6x7 rangefinder with a folding 80mm Fujinon lens.