Saturday, September 27, 2008

Science as Art

The journal Science, in association with the National Science Foundation, has named the 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge winners. Each year the magazine awards the prize to scientists who produce the best photographs, illustrations and interactive media "that visualize science and technology." This is the sixth annual prize.

According to the magazine:

The winners -- in categories including photography, illustration, informational graphics, and multimedia -- captured the crystalline beauty of diatoms, the expanse of the human circulatory system, a fairy tale tea party re-invented, and the dynamic life of a plant cell.
The winner of this year's Photography prize went to Mario De Stefano, of The Second University of Naples, for his photo "The Glass Forest," (seen above) which depicts a community of microscopic diatoms -- unicellular algae with a peculiar glass-like cell wall -- attached to a marine invertebrate (Eudendrium racemosum). De Stefano captured the image with a scanning electron microscope.