Thursday, September 03, 2009

Canon Rears its Ugly Head Once Again

I may be being overly sensitive here, but this is the kind of thing that really gets my goat, particularly on photo blogs. It probably wasn't even meant the way I'm taking it.

But still...

On the usually excellent Strobist blog, there's a post entitled "Lord of the Ring Flash" about an excellent article on Joe McNally and his lighting techniques in the latest issue of Digital Photo Pro magazine. If you're not familiar with Joe's work (what the hell is wrong with you, you should be), he's a master at lighting using Nikon speedlights (mostly) and the Nikon CLS system.

Anyway, read the article, it's a good one.

On Strobist, David Hobby quotes Joe McNally as a way of introducing the article, which he rightfully urges everyone to read.

According to Hobby:

Quoth Joe McNally, in a nice, long QA-style piece in Digital Photo Pro. It is Nikon CLS-centric, but still worth a read to anyone interested in lighting in general.
The part that gets me is the second sentence. As a lifelong Nikon shooter, I take umbrage at all the Nikon-bashing, usually done by Canon shooters. Why categorize the article like that, as if being Nikon-centric was a bad thing? If it was a Canon-centric article I'm sure there would be no mention of it. It would be taken for granted.

I get that Strobist is heavily Canon weighted. But they are pretty democratic and do not usually discriminate. I just think it is unnecessary to make a statement like that. Particularly since Joe McNally is universally recognized as a master at lighting and as a Nikon shooter. I'm not aware of any Canon shooter in the same league as McNally.

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