Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Apparently Film is not Dead

If you thought digital killed the analog star (translation: digital cameras eliminate the need for film) you're wrong. Lots of photographers – particularly landscape and fine art photographers – still use film. And the film they prefer is large format.

Eastman Kodak announced yesterday that they will make Ektar 100 film available in April in 4x5 and 8x10 sheet sizes.

"Now large-format photographers will be able to enjoy the impact and flexibility that EKTAR 100 brings. With ultra-vivid color and ultra-fine grain, it's the ideal choice for creating high magnification enlargements for commercial display," Kodak says.

I haven't shot film in a long time. Even for my personal projects. I still have a refrigerator full of old 120 and 35mm rolls and some sheet film. But it's nice to know it not completely going away anytime soon and is there if I want it.

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Steve Gravano said...

I've read some press releases for new chromes from both Kodak and Fuji.